Station Juan Beach Lounge, an all-day dining and lounging experience has a new look, new feel and new events and activities that will guarantee to make you come back for more. The new look which is made and designed in the Philippines, is inspired by Blu Marlin Ibiza and can seat up to 150 people.

This newly renovated Beach Lounge offers a wide array of experiences for in-house and walk-in guests. The Station Juan Beach Lounge is open from 7:00am to 10:00pm. This features new comfortable beds for tanning, tastefully designed furniture, and a new bar and DJ booth right by the pool. Beach beds are consumable at Php500.00 and tables for events are available inclusive of bottles and food and start at Php3,000.00 for two people.

Celeb Chef Martin Jickain, the genius behind the success of Sofra and now Station Juan Cafe and the White House Beach Lounge customized the menu inspired by his travels. He describes his cuisine as a fusion of asian and continental gastronomical masterpieces.

The bar serves specialty Cocktails by Tim Walters and the World of Beers in Below Zero Beer fridges. Tim Walters of BarMansMix Bar Consultancy got married on the Island of Boracay, therefore his affiliation with the island is always considered a special time to relax, have fun and soak up the beautiful sunsets. Time spent in Boracay always equates to building unforgettable memories. With that in mind, he wanted to create a diverse cocktail menu that incorporates local flavors that possess the experience of the island. Fun, Breezy and Refreshing and definitely memorable!

Some of Tim Walters’ signature cocktails include:

  • Choknutini– This sweet and decadent martini is inspired by a Filipino childhood chocolate classic called “choknut”. Blended and served with a “choknut” rim and salted peanuts and chocolate syrup on top, this ones’ a special treat on the beach!
  • Ginger Milk Tea– This spicy and sweet cocktail is inspired by the latestmilktea craze to hit the world.  Shaken and poured into a “cinnamon sugar” rim, local rum has never tasted this good!
  • Life’s A Peach– A new twist to the Frozen Margarita- Whitehouse Slush styled to perfection with subtle hints of “peach on the beach”.
  • Pakuan Punch– Fresh muddled Watermelon is the star of this cocktail! Inspired by the unforgettable pink Boracay sunset, this cocktail is infused with the exotic flavors of the islands, served with a green tart and sweet sugar rim.
  • Papa’s Passion– This cocktail is inspired by the classic whiskey drink but steps it up a notch by using the most premium Filipino produced rum called Don Papa. A muddle of orange and cherry, this one’s a winner!
  • Purple Rain– Taro Root gives this frozen cocktail it’s delectable color and flavor. Served in a tall glass with an “ube infused” sugar rim, it’s been hailed as the “Station 1 Special”. Take a sip and you’ll know why!

The happiest hour is at 7am-7pm, Sunday Brunch happens every week that showcases an exclusive Brunch Menu and UFC Sundays once per month with fight specials and guest DJs.